Terms and Conditions
Installation Charges
All new installations have a one-time installation charge of $100 due upon service activation. Some installations may have higher installation charges depending on the circumstances, which will be made known to customer prior to installation if applicable.
Customer Networks
Netlive Networks provides internet service TO the customer's location, where the customer's private network is able to interconnect with the Netlive Networks internet connection. Netlive Networks does not monitor or manage anything inside the customer's private network. The performance of customer-owned WiFi networks, devices, computers, and equipment is the sole responsibility of the customer to manage.
Network Outages
Residential internet connections are "best effort" and are not guaranteed to be free of occasional interruption or degraded service. Netlive Networks strives to maintain up-time that exceeds 99.9%, which is less than 9 hours of total outage per year. If higher up-time is required then please see our Dedicated Internet page for customized service options to meet your specific needs.
Network Outage Response Time
Netlive Networks will respond to outages on its network as soon as possible, typically the same day but occasionally longer depending on the circumstances. The time to restore an outage will depend on the nature of the outage.
Shared Bandwidth
Residential internet connections share a common network and subsequently share the bandwidth available on that network. Specific speeds to individual connections cannot be guaranteed to be available at all times. During times of heavy network demand there may be less than the provisioned amount of bandwidth available. This is a normal condition of shared networks. If guaranteed bandwidth is required at all times then please see our Dedicated Internet page for customized service options to meet your needs.
Network Abuse
All customers are guests on the network owned and operated by Netlive Networks. Any abuse or disruption of our network, whether intentional or not, will result in immediate mitigation of the problem up to and including blocking the offending activity or disabling the customer's connection entirely.
Service Equipment
All equipment installed by Netlive Networks is owned by Netlive Networks and must be returned upon cancellation of service. If any equipment owned by Netlive Networks is damaged or requires replacement then Netlive Networks will repair or replace the equipment at no charge to customer.
Network Management Practices
Netlive Networks actively manages its entire network to ensure that all customers receive the best experience possible. Management practices necessary to achieve this result include, but are not limited to, adjusting quality of service (QoS) settings, adjusting network traffic routing, blocking or null-routing active network attacks, and blocking ports. Our network management practices are intended to keep the collective network operating at peak performance, which may occasionally result in degradation or interruption of individual connections if necessary.
Service Cancellation
Our standard internet connections do not have contracts and may be cancelled by the customer or by Netlive Networks at any time for any reason. Customers who have signed contracts with Netlive Networks are bound by the terms and conditions in the contract.
Service Changes
Customers without contracts may change their service plan(s) at any time. If adding or upgrading services the changes will be effectively immediately upon activation and the pro-rated cost difference will be charged immediately to the customer's payment method on file. If removing or downgrading services the services changes will be active on the day of the customer's next billing cycle, and the new amount owed will be charged to the customer on that day.
Automated Billing
All customers must provide payment information for automated monthly billing. If customer does not want to enroll in the mandatory automated monthly billing then Netlive Networks may allow the customer to pre-pay for a year's worth of service on an annual basis.
Speed Tests
Speed tests are designed to stress a network connection to discover its real-time capacity limits. Speed tests are a troubleshooting tool that should only be used by qualified individuals when troubleshooting specific network problems. Netlive Networks may de-prioritize or block this test traffic to prevent it from needlessly congesting the network.