Residential Broadband Internet
  • $80 per month, all taxes and fees included
  • 30 Mbps download, 10 Mbps upload
  • No data caps and no contracts
  • Meets or exceeds all FCC requirements for true broadband
  • Stream multiple HD videos or a single 4k video without buffering
  • Perfect for work-from-home professionals and home school families
  • Most households with typical usage needs have a hassle-free experience with a true broadband connection


  • Additional $40 per month
  • Unrestricted speed - go as fast as the network will allow at any given time, typically 50-150 Mbps for most connections
  • For heavy users with a need for speed
  • Requires a fiber connection or unobstructed line of sight to one of our wireless broadcast stations
GAMER Package
  • Additional $15 per month
  • Custom-managed equipment at customer site to ensure the best possible end-to-end gaming experience
  • Adjustable NAT type settings to ensure compatibility with online gaming requirements
  • Additional $10 per month
  • Public IP address statically routed to your router
  • Host servers and/or access your home equipment from anywhere in the world
  • Customer must supply and manage their own router which supports RFC 3021 point-to-point addressing
  • Customer is responsible for their own firewall and security issues
Landline Phone Package
  • Additional $30 per month
  • Turnkey replacement for your typical landline telephone service
  • Common features such as caller ID and call waiting
  • Free long distance to the Continential 48 United States and Canada
  • Voicemail available upon request
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